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VIA SBINSIDER| June 11, 2023

Coffee with the GM Vivian Timian (HOA1) has a regular feature on its agenda, which is the state of Comcast and its efforts to run cabling into all of SaddleBrooke for internet and TV service. Since the inception of the project, Comcast has managed to annoy and upset a great number of residents. Last week was no exception, as the subject of the pale green pedestals which appear in many yards and serve as the connection box into individual homes. The pale green is ugly, no doubt, but Comcast has indicated that this is the color for all southwestern installations. Several attendees, were adamant that that color was unacceptable and were glad to hear that each homeowner is allowed to paint the unit SaddleBrooke Tan-provided you get a note from the ALC to do the painting first. 

As long as the crowd was aroused by Comcast pedestals, the subject of the Trico electrical boxes was raised. They too degenerate the yard appeal and the issue if they can be painted too was not clear.

And, Comcast has a new representative who will meet with residents every Wednesday 12:30 to 5PM at HOA2. Jim Watson is the fellow and his phone is 520-999-1915. Our staff spoke to Jim and he acknowledged that some of the “technicians” doing installs were not as service oriented as he is and if anyone has issues, to call him. Residents have reported being on the customer service line provided by Xfinity as long as 50 minutes with zero results.


Parallel to the Comcast and electrical boxes lively discussion from the approximately 60 residents attending was the issue of ugly mailboxes. A few years back the Board issued a secular fatwa, urging all homeowners to upgraded their mailbox by painting or replacement if so warranted. Many owners did comply, but the majority of mailboxes still are sun-bleached gray and need a coat of paint. Technically, the mailbox is a the property of the US Postal Service so no one wants to mess around with that bulk-rate first class outfit! But repainting in black should not get you banned from your daily junk mail delivery. (Painting the inside of the box is not recommended and you better ask your if you intend to paint your neighbors, too.)

Tennis Club Joins the 21st Century

After a decade long internal club battle, the tennis courts (well courts 5-8) now conform to the USTA color requirements. You may have noticed the new bright blue color as you have driven into the HOA1 clubhouse complex and they are gorgeous. They jump out and tell visitors we have a state of the art tennis facility! Congrats to all of us at HOA1.

Fun Fact: This has nothing to do with the GM Coffee but did you know the Korean-based Netflix Series “The Squid Game” was twice as popular as any other show ever on a streaming service? 

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Dotti McKee
Dotti McKee
11 months ago

Saddlebrooke Tan is the same white color as the walls. A much better selection is the tan/brown color of your rocks which blends in quite well. Might as well leave them ugly green rather than white. This is another example where the Board listens only to themselves when they vote.

John Gault
11 months ago

Having pedestals in front of my house at the pleasure of Xfinity/Comcast sucks. We did not ask for this ugly stuff in an HOA (2) that is so picky about what we put in our front yards. There are plenty of other technologies out there. The pedestals also commit us to a Comcast and limit competition. What happens when the technology mores on, and it will. These huge pedestals in our subdivision whether we want them or not are ridiculous!