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Road Runner Grill Scheduled Upgrade

Coffee with the General Manager Vivian Timian today at HOA1 included a presentation by John Reed, Director of Operations at which time he said the reconstruction of the Road Runner Grill will commence in February 2023, and is scheduled for completion by September that year. The plans are the subject of the upcoming HOA1 board work session scheduled for June 16th, 3:30 PM in the Coyote Room.

“During the renovation, breakfast and lunch will be served upstairs with the same Road Runner Grill menu” added Reed.

Reed also stated that automatic blinds are being installed in the Vermillion room and the other areas of the upstairs dining areas to follow.

911 problem highlighted

A member of the SaddleBrooke Tennis board alerted the group that a resident was recently injured on the tennis courts and the 911 operator could not route the dispatch as they needed a physical address. It was suggested that the HOA1 board add address signage in all the areas that might have a need for 911 service; the Tennis courts, the fitness center, activity center etc. Board President Jim Daily then told the group that “golfers are issued a card that indicates how to call 911 from the course and that Golder Ranch rescue units have locations and access points for the golf course.”

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