CBD SaddleBrooke Survey Results

VIA SBINSIDER| January 2, 2023

Last week, an email was sent with a set of question regarding the use of CBD’s (non-THC infused hemp) that the voters approved for legal use in 2018. The CBD formulations have  no intoxicating effect, but the proponents claim it is a possible medication for pain relief, help with sleep and anxiety. CBD medication comes in the form of edibles, pills and oils. Locally, there is a purveyor of CBD products in the Basha’s shopping center. A Link to the store website is here:

These conditions can afflict anyone and sleeping well is a bigger challenge for people generally over 60. Caffeine, alcohol use contribute to not staying asleep. (Although Scandinavians seem immune to any effect of caffeine-drinking coffee right before they go to bed!)

Here is a link to an article from Psychology Today on sleep in Seniors. 

Pain is generally part of getting older, particularly among Seniors who are physically active as many in SaddleBrooke are. Staying “in shape” has many benefits but come costs, too.

Last, anxiety seems to plague a great many people, but tends to be more diagnosed in females, with an overall 1 of 6 Americans on anxiety medication.

Here is a link to details on anxiety medication use from Newsweek. 

The results of the survey from SaddleBrooke only residents:

CBD survey results

Thanks to our avid and responsive readers, you can discern from the responses that many have tried CBD for various ailments, but many have not ventured into this new realm of possible relief. If you have any comments about the results you have had, either positive or negative, please add them in the comments section at the bottom of this article. 

Here is a link on to a recently published article on Longevity.

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Jo Parsons
Jo Parsons
1 year ago

I first tried CBD gel caps three years ago for arthritis and fibromyalgia pain as I could no longer take any prescribed pain meds. When I ordered them, I was a little skeptical but after about 7 weeks, I could actually turn my head without pain. I was encouraged by my pain med doctor to give them a try and to date have had no adverse effects and only use the 25 mg. dose each day. I am now a believer!! Just no THC please.