Cavanaugh questions Federal Grant for COVID testing


FLORENCE — A grant application for $6.2 million for more COVID-19 testing in Pinal County was approved 3-2 by the public health board Wednesday.

Supervisor Kevin Cavanaugh, R-Coolidge District 1, who voted against the grant, said testing being mandated is a concern for citizens, along with “federal encroachment, and letting them get their foot in the door in Pinal County with this $6 million.” (Editorial Note: Cavanaugh represents SaddleBrooke Ranch and Oracle) 

“… And is it going to do any good for Pinal County, or very little good, compared to what we’re potentially inviting in?” Cavanaugh asked. Supervisor Jeff Serdy, R-Apache Junction District 5,  joined Cavanaugh in voting no.

Supervisor Jeffrey McClure District 4 (SaddleBrooke and Eagle Crest) voted Yes. 

The grant is federal funds administered by the state “for enhanced detection, response, surveillance and prevention of COVID-19 with an emphasis on funding mobile units for COVID testing.”

Pinal County Public Health Director Tascha Spears said the county is not mandating that anyone be tested.

“The testing that we described in the application is for commercial labs to do the testing through mobile units,” Spears told the Board of Supervisors, sitting as the Pinal County Public Health Services District board.

Cavanaugh asked if any of the funding would be used to determine who is vaccinated and who isn’t.

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