Car Show Huge Success, Road Work Begins


A perfect day for reliving front and back seat memories greeted the SaddleBrooke care fanciers this Saturday. An overflow parking lot of mostly vintage cars and a few late model Corvettes, a Bentley and Ferraris delighted the crowd to the sound of Chuck Moses’s nostalgic tunes. The Events committee reported 73 cars were on display.

A lone VW Bug represented those with more modest budgets in their college years. Who needed a heater in Minnesota anyway?

While officially the gala was supposed to begin at 11AM, many cars arrived earlier along with the aficionados and gawkers who took a trip down memory and prior. Cars as old as an 1910 Ford were on display and many for sale. Visitors recalled being able to repair nearly everything on their autos until the gas crisis hit and car become computerized.

“Muscle Cars” were well represented with 442 cubic inch engines, quad-carb carbs, posit-traction, 4 on the floor Hurst shifters  and the like. All came from era was 20 cents a gallon or $1.62 in today’s dollars (inflation has robbed us of 708%) and a new car was less than $3,000. Seat belts were optional.

The weather was a balmy 85 degrees with a slight wind that surged as the day wore on. By 2pm it was gusting mightily as the cars hit the road and the fans hit the wine rack. Moving the annual event to Memorial Day weekend was a smart move by the prescient Events Committee. 

SaddleBrooke Boulevard Torn Up

At the beginning of the week, Pinal County road building equipment and road markers appeared on the main ingress and egress to SaddleBrooke. As noted in our prior reporting, the portion of the road that is county owned and maintained with be under construction and single lanes are the order of the day for several weeks. Proceed with caution.

Here is the full schedule:

Phase 1: SaddleBrooke Blvd from Border Dr to 1500′ West of Catalina Hills Dr. Will be a mill and fill of 2.5” AC on all 5 roadway lanes. I also added push pedestrian crosswalks. Work will begin in the middle of May 2024.
Phase 2: SaddleBrooke Blvd from 1500′ West of Catalina Hills Dr. to Hwy 77 will be a profile mill and 1.5” overlay. With this phase, we will add bike lanes on each side of SaddleBrooke Blvd from Hwy 77 to the existing bike lane East. Work will start after July 1st, 2024
Phase 3: Eagle Crest Blvd from SaddleBrooke Blvd to Hwy 77 will be a mill and fill of 2.5” of AC of all 4 lanes. with fixing Sewer manholes and water valve adjustment. With this phase, we will be adding additional bullnose marking and signage. Work will start after completion of SaddleBrooke Blvd.
With all 3 phases, roadway markings will consist of 60 mil thermal and adding RPM markers the entire length of the roads. Also, new diamond-grade signs will be replaced for better retro reflectivity.
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