Candidate voting begins for HOA Boards, HOA2 rolls out a phone application

VIA SBINSIDER| October 21, 2023

HOA1 residents should have received their electronic ballots in their email inboxes Friday the 20th. There are  votes for board members and a proposed amendment to the HOA1 founding documents. If you prefer, you can go to the office and get a paper ballot.

HOA1 has mostly good problems in comparison to HOA2 which has struggled to properly manage the golf courses since separation from Robson. A year ago, HOA2 contracted with ClubLife a world-renowned golf course management business, making it too early to see if that was the correct move.

Three top notch candidates have put themselves forward for the two spots which are open. Two are well known to the HOA1 folks, Len Alcantara and Tony Muscat. Alcantara has already served on the Board from 2017-2022, a notably difficult time to govern due to the COVID epidemic. Muscat has labored on behalf of the residents on the Properties and Roads committee and other duties.

Len apparently is open to investing his free time immersed in Board activities (again!) and Tony seems to desire to be at the big table for our benefit.

The newcomer is a 2016 Minnesota transfer and military careerist followed by a financial planning career (CFP), Joe O’Conner. He too, has outstanding credentials for service on the Board.

At the candidate forum, one resident asked the candidates about the loss of a long-range planning committee. The consensus was perhaps to take another look at revisiting whether or not to reinstate it. Also, the question was raised about replacing our buildings which are approaching 30 years which would be very expensive, if ever needed. In response, the candidates made it clear that enhancing and upgrading buildings will happen as needed, but replacing will never be needed and we have the reserves for the former.

Voting for any combination of these three gents would not be the wrong choice. Before you make a coin flip to vote, a pitch by SBINSIDER for you to vote for Tony Muscat, as he took action to get the tennis courts upgraded to the correct USTA approved color via his committee, helping assist the full HOA1 board in getting that done.

Details and contact information on each candidate can be located at

HOA1 Document Amendment

As to the HOA1 amendment vote. SBINSIDER has not seen any reason not to support the change as it is advisory only and must be voted on by the owners for final approval at a later date. But you must vote on the amendment in order to get to the page to vote for your candidates. So vote, darn it.

HOA2 Board Candidates

HOA2 has 3 candidates for 2 slots, too. There are two incumbents running, Campbell Chaney and Chuck Kill. They newcomer is Larry Santora. The link to the candidates forum can be found here.

The candidate forum once again, focused on the cost of golf course upgrades. Both courses have aged out of their useful life (both 25 years plus) particularly the bunkers and the irrigation systems. When transition occurred, Robson left the courses in bad shape as far these two main assets are concerned and residents must deal with the deferred costs.

SBINSIDER recommends that any combination of the 3 candidates would be beneficial to the HOA2 residents. All highly qualified, knowledgeable and motivated.

HOA2 rolls out a phone application for many HOA2 functions

In a surprise announcement to many, HOA2 rolled out a phone based software application that gives the user access via a mobile app; access dining, fitness, golf, events and more from on your phone, Android or iPhone platform. 

The implementation of an HOA2 phone application is a huge leap in technology that residents have been asking about for HOA1, with the goal of replacing the older technology represented by the plastic key fobs that HOA1 residents now must carry in addition to their other nomenclature.

SBINSIDER contacted the HOA1 board asking if HOA1 had worked with HOA2 on this software project? In reply via email this is the response:

The Boards of SaddleBrooke One and SaddleBrooke Two have a good relationship, and there has been collaboration when it is mutually beneficial.

The app that SaddleBrooke Two has implemented is associated with their club software.  It allows the residents access to billing statements and tee times.  SaddleBrooke One residents can access this information using the website on their phones. The SaddleBrooke Two app does not cover access to the fitness centers or pools or any of the amenities shared under the Reciprocal Use Agreement (RUA).  

Our management team has been working with SaddleBrooke Two to implement a phone app to access amenities such as the Fitness Centers, pools, etc., this has been discussed at coffees.  Such an app would have to be a joint project with SaddleBrooke One and Two as we share amenities pursuant to the Reciprocal Use Agreement. The RFP that you refer to has been issued to the vendors that offer RFID control software.  The SaddleBrooke Two club software does not offer security (RFID) software.

 Thank you again for your comment and inquiry.

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Ron Bechky
ron bechky
7 months ago

The candidates are all well qualified. However, if you’re interested in seeing such one-sided decisions as the telephone app be eliminated, you’ve got to go with Tony Muscat in HOA1 and Chuck Kill and Larry Santora in HOA2.These 3 are committed to coordinated decisions not the go-it-alone approach of the current boards.

Paul Jepson
Paul Jepson
7 months ago

I must disagree with the choice of Tony Muscat for the HOA1 board position over Joe O’Conner. Tony is endorsed by United SaddleBrooke who, in my opinion, has a goal of disrupting the HOA1 board by implanting their preferred candidates. Joe is more closely aligned with the goals and direction that the HOA1 board is taking.

Last edited 7 months ago by Paul Jepson