Blake Masters Rally overflows Desert View Theater

VIA SBINSIDER| October 23rd

Republican Blake Masters, currently running for Arizona Senate against Mark Kelly, appeared at a town hall event in SaddleBrooke Saturday, October 22. The event was held at the DesertView  Theater and the largest crowd ever to attend a political event in SaddleBrooke was on hand to hear the candidate and ask questions. 

Tough Questions Lead the Way 

 Masters was asked by the 1st questioner why he allegedly supported reducing Social Security as is charged by the relentless Kelly TV advertising. Masters was blunt in his response: ” I will NEVER vote to reduce funding for Social Security.” He acknowledged that there are future funding challenges in the long run and it would be wise to address those now and not do what Congress usually does and wait until there is a crisis, which is where the false attacks from Kelly started. “Mark Kelly is so desperate that his DC consultants went back to the old playbook they use against every Republican. It won’t work.”  

EDITOR’s NOTE: Social Security is a pay-as-you-go system which means current workers contributions are immediately paid out to current retirees. When the program was started in 1938 there were over 20 workers to one recipient. Today, due to the huge number of baby-boomers and fewer younger workers, the ratio is 3 workers to one retiree. 
The myth of a Social Security “trust fund” is just that, a myth. 

Masters was also asked about his “extreme position” on abortion. He replied that he was comfortable with the current 15 week limit that the Arizona legislature passed and he also has signed onto the Senator Lindsey Graham bill of a 15 week ban at the Federal level. One question was on the Supreme Court overturning Roe v Wade “right before a mid-term election.” Masters responded that Roe was wrongly decided and the Supreme Court was doing its job in ruling on the cases in front of them, adding, “I would be very uncomfortable with the Supreme Court taking the political atmosphere into account when making or considering any opinion. That would be wrong.” 

Masters was asked about the battle in Ukraine and the US involvement. He responded that he was “shocked” when President Biden started to talk about nuclear Armageddon. ” I continue to think it will not happen and pray that cooler heads prevail” and as President, Biden should be much more circumspect when discussing escalated confrontation with Russia. He added that the Europeans are learning a hard lesson on relying on Putin for energy and that nuclear power is our clean future. 

The exchange with the appreciative audience lasted about an hour. Town Hall attendees were very impressed with Master’s appearance and “He has the momentum and the team of Blake\ Lake are going to win,” said an HOA2 resident. 


After a bruising August primary, Kelly had a substantial lead in voter polling and began attack advertising the day after the voting. In recent polling, Masters has drawn even in notoriously hard to poll Arizona. For example, in Kelly’s last race, he was  polling 9 points ahead of Martha McSally the week before the election and ultimately prevailed by barely 2.5 points. Kelly has spent 61 million dollars to date while Masters has spent about 6 million, a nearly 10-1 advantage. A question was raised about Senator McConnell deciding not to fund his race and Masters answered it was OK, as he was then not beholden to McConnell when he won. 

The event was organized and sponsored by the SaddleBrooke Republican Club.  For more detailed information, browse to the Republican website at SaddleBrooke Republican Club ( Voting has already begun in Arizona and culminates on November 8th. If you vote via mail, you can check the status of your ballot at this LINK


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Dotti McKee
Dotti McKee
1 year ago

Please Please Vote. And if you desire honesty and integrity, intelligence and understanding of politics, business, economics and technology, put Masters in the US Senate. Arizona needs him. America will appreciate him.

Ron Bechky
1 year ago

The problem with audience questioning is the lack of a cross examination. Candidates answers/evasions are the last word.