Biden’s Perpetual Democrat Majority Plan


As usual, the my Republican Party and it supporters are being played for fools by the Democrats. It is a movie that has played before to rave reviews by the Left.

FDR came to power during the worst depression in American history. The prior downturns were nasty too, in one instance J.P. Morgan had to personally bailout a much smaller economy. FDR determined that he could tax and spend and elect and elect. He was right, because everyone enjoys getting government largess. The Democrats controlled the House of Representatives nearly continuously for 40 years until Newt Gingrich engineered a GOP takeover in 1994. Since that time, control has shifted back and forth by slim majorities (with the notable exception of 2010 when Obamacare gave the Republicans 63 seats!)

California, until 1992, was a reliably Republican state. Electing Republicans across the state on a regular basis and holding both houses occasionally. But, in the 1980’s the trickle of illegal immigrants, primarily from Mexico, continued to grow until it was a flood. Wall Street, Large Agri-businesses conspired with the immigration advocates to allow this. The Mexican Left called it “re-conquista”, referring to the Mexican-American war where the US gained territory that eventually became states, Arizona, California, Nevada and portions of New Mexico and Colorado. Today. California state is solid Democrat and it was not by accident.

Ironically, Cesar Chavez, the leader of United Farm Workers was adamantly opposed to illegal immigration. Cheap labor hurt his members.

8 Million New Arrivals

The day Biden took office he voided all of Donald Trump’s executive orders regarding the border. The message went out to all the world that if you get into the US and claimed asylum you were nearly guaranteed you can stay. So, in in 3.5 years 8 million or so new potential voters have entered the US under the guise of asylum seeking. The asylum definition has been so stretched that people are coming from all over world and getting in, with the promise to attend a court status hearing someday…..

The Biden scheme is working. He may be taking a beating in the polls but long term, it will pay big benefits to create a permanent Democrat majority ala’ FDR. Although many of the arrivals cannot vote in State elections, they can vote in Federal elections without proof of citizenship. Arizona creates separate ballots for Federal only voters. Generally people on the lower-economic scale vote Democrat.  With these recent new arrivals, they are aware that Biden loosened the rules for immigration so guess which party is likely to get their vote?

Perhaps the most bizarre aspect of this invasion was President Biden’s appointing VP Kamala Harris as his “border czar” which was simply gaslighting the voters into believing Biden was doing something.

Electoral College Votes

The bigger bonus for the Democrats is the 2030 census. For purposes of awarding Congressional seats and thereby electoral college votes for President, all residents, citizens or not, are included in that count. That is why busing illegals to reliably Democrat New York and Illinois makes conservatives feel good, but they are missing the bigger picture-more residents eventually means more members of Congress. Even Texas, which has been A Republican stronghold is in danger of being turned.

Meanwhile the Feds are shoveling money to the states to mitigate the stress the new arrivals create on local social welfare systems. Recently, Arizona received about $700 million to keep open the immigration center in Tucson via a budget deal. That bill, found only Juan Ciscomani,  as the sole Republican Congressman in Arizona to vote in favor. Before that vote, Ciscomani had already drawn a primary opponent and this gives great talking points to his opponent, Kathleen Winn. 

President 2024

If Trump were to get re-elected, he promises to begin deporting the people who did not come here for true asylum but only economic opportunity. Large deportations of non-citizens have happened in the US previously. President Eisenhower’s administration initiated “Operation Wetback” in 1954 with caused high tensions with the Mexican government.

Can it happen again? Very doubtful as the immigration lobby is very politically powerful and the sheer numbers involved makes it untenable.

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