Biden Made His Money Legally, an American Tragedy


The House Republicans were certain they had the goods on President Biden due to the zillions he made in the years between his VP job and getting elected President.

But, after scrutinizing the transactions, the House had to admit that darn it, old Yeller Joe actually stayed within the extremely loose boundaries as set forth by the laws on how a politician can turn their positions into a personal money machine.

The Biden’s, particularly brother Jim, have been unabashedly legally extorting foreign money for many years, ever since Joey got his job of Senator in 1972, nearly 52 years ago.

The problem is not that like every other human,  responding to economic opportunity the Biden’s got money from China, Ukraine and a host of others. The problem is that ex-politicians are fully blessed to go forth and legally extort foreign countries, lobby fellow members and donate megabucks to their campaigns and the aligned political action committees in order to get what they want. And why not? They are the very characters that pass the laws that regulate outside income and post-service activities. The paltry $174,000 and mega benefits plus a fully vested pension after 5, yes 5 grueling years of service, is available at age 62 at 80% of their salary.

The House Republicans, lead by Jim Comer, thought they had a scandal that could rival the Democrats January 6th committee dog and pony show and were going to persuade millions that by golly, those Biden’s are so corrupt that you should vote GOP, or something like that. Too bad they didn’t hire a big time Hollywood type as the Democrats did, to produce the show.

Whatever their goal, it was an epic failure that even Tony Bobulinsksi could not breathe life into. Sean Hannity on Fox spent hours of air time on both radio and TV because he too was sure this was a winning issue. It is now dead and buried.

The salient question that has never been answered by any of the Biden is what exactly did these countries and businesses in those countries get from the Biden’s? The answer is access. Access to the most powerful man in the world. So, it costs lots of money to chat with Joey Biden and Hunter has expensive drug habits.

Senator Menendez

Meanwhile, Democrat Senator Bob Menendez from New Jersey is once again in the crosshairs of a real investigation for accepting bribes related to his service on the Senate on the Foreign Affairs committee. This follows a mistrial from 2014 where he was accused of taking large illegal donations from a local businessman who later went to jail for defrauding government health care.

This time around he is again accused of taking bribes (including gold bars) for helping Egypt by supplying sensitive government information from his committee work.

Biden v. Menendez

The point is that Biden’s crew knew how to skirt the laws regarding illegal bribery and Menendez just assumes everyone is doing it and he has more hubris than the rest of his colleagues. Plus, many Senators were very wealthy before they got elected whereas Menendez worked his way up the slippery pole of politics and has done very well. Let’s see if Senator Houdini escapes this time around. Don’t bet against him, President Biden and he are best buddies.
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Ron Bechky
Ron Bechky
13 days ago

Shame. You took the GOP kool aid and forgot Jared’s $2 billion deal and Mnuchin’s $1 billion Saudi deals. Oh, you also forgot the Trump PO hotel deal among many others.