At 37% Approval, Biden desperately needs Arizona

VIA SBINSIDER COMMENTARY | December 10th, 2023

Joe Biden barely won Arizona in 2020. Since that close election, his administration has repeatedly promoted policies and denied funding that have badly hurt our state. This is a mystery for most political observers in that Biden must win Arizona if he is to beat his likely opponent Donald Trump. This past week, the latest Wall Street Journal poll showed Biden with a miserable 37% approval rating and underwater in Arizona by 7 points against any Republican. 

Fact One: The Border 

The most obvious policy is the open Southern border. Biden said early in the 2020 campaign that the US could easily take in “5 million more immigrants’ ‘ and most assumed he meant via legal means. Instead, he reversed all of Donald Trump’s restrictive asylum requirements and turned the border patrol into a catch and release rescue team. The predictable result, seven million people have been given a cell phone, five thousand dollars in a debit card and a plane ticket to anywhere in the US. Recently, the flow of people has gotten so bad that Biden was forced to close the only tourist oriented crossing point at Lukeville. It is the jumping off point on the way to Rocky Point, the most popular getaway spot via southern Arizona to Mexico. The closure has increased drive times tremendously and increased the risk for American travelers as the border areas are mostly controlled by drug and human smugglers. 

How can a country remain sovereign and safe without secure borders?

Fact Two: War on Arizona Natural Resources

For many years a new copper mine (Resolution Copper) has been in the works for Superior, Arizona, which is in Pinal County. The mine would be a huge economic boost not only for an area of the working poor, but in state and county tax revenues from the copper mined. At the end of the Trump administration, all permits were in place from the myriad oversight Federal and State agencies and mining was ready to begin. But, Joe Biden owes his Presidency to the Environmental Left and needs to virtue signal regarding the “opressessed” which in this case is the indigenous tribes in that area that claimed it as sacred ground. 

So, Biden killed Resolution Copper-for now. Here is an administration hell bent on converting the world to electric cars etc. and it is killing a great American resource for one of the basics, Copper.  It makes zero sense and voters ought to pay attention. 

To add insult to injury, a new power line, SunZia Southwest, is being built to bring energy from renewable sources to Pinal County and Arizona. Recently, the Tohono tribal leaders along the route complained that it disturbed, you guessed it, sensitive sacred burial grounds. A Federal Judge agreed and temporarily stopped some construction. The powerline construction has been continued at other portions, but who knows how long this could drag out? 

Fact Three: I-10 Freeway Expansion Funding Stiffed 

Arizona has two Democrat Senators Sinema and Kelly, and a Democrat Governor. The 1-10 corridor from Casa Grande to Phoenix has been woefully in need of expansion and repair for many years. Yet, when Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg announced where infrastructure grants would be going from Biden’s “build back better” plan, Arizona received not a single dollar. Buttigieg explained that the current application did not have enough “bike lanes” in the plan. 

Voters have to ask themselves, what good it did to re-elect Senator Kelly in 2022 or why they should vote for Senator Sinema or Biden in 2024 when they are sending the clear message that Arizonan’s don’t matter to this crew?

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