Assessor’s 2025 Notice of Property Value from Pinal County

VIA SBINSIDER| February 17th, 2023

Pinal County Assessor Douglas Wolf (SaddleBrooke resident) announced that the 2025 Notice of Valuation for Pinal County properties have been mailed. Homeowners should take a moment to check the notice for the Limited Property Value number, which is the one used as the taxable basis for their home. Arizona also requires that the Assessor include a Full Cash Value which is an estimate of the market value. If a property owner believes the Full Cash Value is too high, that is number upon which you can appeal the valuation.

Arizona follows a two year cycle for valuations. The notice you are receiving this week applies to the next tax year 2025.

Instructions to appeal are included in the mailing. The first level is to notify the Assessor’s office and the staff will review your valuation. If the homeowner is not satisfied with the Assessor’s response, the next step is to ask the County Board of Supervisors to review the valuation. The Board uses the Arizona State Board of Equalization staff to do the review. This process is at no cost to the homeowner.

You can also watch this video to get more information on the valuation process:

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The second aspect of the Notice that every homeowner should check is the classification. Many SaddleBrooke homeowners who used to be snowbirds and then moved here permanently, neglected to change their classification from secondary home (04) to Primary residence (03).  By changing your property classification to primary you will save money in your property taxes.

The classification fix is easy, you need to provide to the Assessor’s office proof of residency such as Voter Registration or a Driver’s license. Call the office (520-509-3555) for details or check the website

NOTE: County offices will be closed for Presidents Day, Monday the 19th. 

Valuation vs. Property Taxes

Your Limited Property Value is the basis for property taxation. But there is a 2nd factor which is the rate that is applied to that value. On the notice you receive in September from the County Treasurer, you will see the a list of various taxing authorities, Pinal County, Oracle School District, Golder Ranch Fire and perhaps several more depending where your home is located.  Each taxing authority has a rate that they can apply to your tax bill, which is collected by the County Treasurer. The rates are voted upon every year by the boards of the taxing authorities.

One of the taxpayer protections that is in the state Constitution is that your Limited Property Value cannot increase by more than 5% from year to year. So, even in the inflationary times we are experiencing, your taxable basis grows very slowly.

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Stewart Fleisher
Stewart Fleisher
2 months ago

Who is the son of a gun who sent out these notices?