Arizonan’s call the shots via Propositions

VIA SBINSIDER | September 29th

Among the states, Arizona is one of the few that has Initiative and Referendum whereby the voters can directly access the ballot and let the voters decide issues. Every election cycle a plethora of Propositions populate the ballot and most voters are baffled by the complexity and the effect of saying Yea or Nay to each. So, many voters, understandably skip voting on any Propositions.

This article is written to briefly look at each this year’s Propositions and provide some guidance, no matter what side of the political divide you place yourself.

Proposition 128 Yes

Currently, if a proposition is passed by the voters but if any part of it is deemed unconstitutional by either the United State Supreme Court or the Arizona Supreme Court the entire contents of the pp is invalidated. If passed, the legislature would be able to step in and modify the proposition to make it conform to the court ruling, BUT also opens all of the rest of the PP to rewriting. People who are generally on the Left consider this pp to be an attempt of the Legislature to inject itself into an area that is reserved to the voters-a populist position-and therefore should not pass. The pro argument is that the Legislature should be the final arbiter of the invalidated PP. The argument is further complicated by a preceding PP called the Voter Protection Act which passed because past Legislatures were messing with the Propositions that had passed but were deemed constitutional.

Due to the highly restrictive nature of when Proposition 128 would apply if passed, SBINSIDER urges a Yes vote.

Proposition 129 Neutral

The Arizona Constitution the Legislature is directed to pass bills that focused on a single topic or it can be ruled invalid. Propositions on the other hand can have (but usually aren’t) several topics. Proponents want the voters to have the same constraints as the Legislature-a single issue only. Opponents favor the broader range of topics contained in one Proposition as it is in current law.

SBINSIDER takes a neutral position.

Proposition 130 YES

Disabled combat veterans used to get a partial reduction in property taxes. But, due to a court decision the language was deemed unconstitutional. This initiative would simple restore the combat disabled veteran’s exemption. Every Assessor in Arizona supports this Proposition. No group is against this Proposition.

SBINSIDER urges a strong YES on this Proposition and you can watch a short video here.

Proposition 131 YES

Provides for the creation of the office of Lieutenant Governor. Currently, if the sitting Governor leaves office early, the sitting Secretary of State assumes the office. Often, the sitting Sec of State is not of the same party as the Governor, causing much heartburn. Both Republicans and Democrats support this Proposition. No group opposes.

SBINSIDER recommends a Yes vote.

Proposition 132 YES

Changes the threshold for any Proposition to pass WHICH RAISES TAXES from 50% plus 1 to 60% of votes cast. Effectively ends the process of raising any taxes via the Initiative and Referendum process. The pro and against groups line up as expected. Those on the Right in favor, those on the Left opposed. SBINSIDER considers tax increases to be legislative prerogative and should remain so.

SBINSIDER recommends a YES vote.

Proposition 209 NO

This proposition tries to address a real problem that should be in the hands of the Legislature; medical debt. In our view, the wording of this Proposition is too broad and would rebound against the very people it is purported to help. If the Arizona Legislature fails to address this issue with new laws in 2023, a better worded Proposition should be put forth and passed by the voters but not this version.

SBINSIDER recommends a NO vote.

Proposition 210

No longer on the ballot.

Proposition 211 NO

While disclosure of money funding politics is always a desirable, especially in the aftermath of the Citizen’s United v FEC decision, this Proposition is totally out of date and will add more useless clutter to election law.

SBINSIDER recommends a NO vote

Proposition 308 NO

This proposition is a change that would overturn the will of Arizona voters who have voted repeatedly to not allow non-citizens to pay the same amounts for college tuition.

SBINSIDER recommends a No vote.

Proposition 309 YES

Increases the level of identification required to vote either in person or by mail.

SBINSIDER recommends a Yes vote.

Proposition 310 YES

Currently, many rural fire districts do not have the power to levy taxes by such an amount that they can stay functional. This Proposition allows the voters in only those affected districts to decide if they want to raise their own taxes to meet those needs. Does not in any way affect SaddleBrooke.

SBINSIDER recommends a Yes vote.

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Ron Bechky
1 year ago

Props 129-132 are all partisan props added by the State legislature
Read the election booklet comments
Good government groups ALL oppose these measures as limiting voting rights

Rochelle Davies
Rochelle Winston Davies
1 year ago

Just out of curiosity, who is the SBINSIDER written by and are these recommendations influenced in any way by their political bent?