Arizona Primary Election Date Moved to July 30th


Due to a probably crunch in time frames for possible ballot recounts, the Arizona Legislature passed and Governor Hobbs signed, emergency legislation changing the date for the primary elections from August 6th to a week earlier, July 30th. 

For voters in SaddleBrooke, most of whom vote by mail, the ballots will arrive a bit earlier. For those who go to a polling place, mark you calendars for the July 30th date.

Last year the Legislature reduced the margin required for ballot recounts. In doing so, they create a possible situation where the time frames would not allow the results of recounts to be included in national totals. Election officials alerted the legislature last year of this likelihood, but they did not as a whole come to agree with those who have to actually run the elections until this session.

Arizona Presidential Preference election

In order to vote in the March Presidential preference election, you must be a registered Republican voter. People have reported that unknown to them their registration has mistakenly changed when updating their driver’s license.

In the following video, Dana Lewis, the Pinal County Recorder and Elections Director walks you through the steps to check your registration:

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