Arizona has always been a “purple” state


The conservatives in Arizona were shocked last November when the Governor, Senate and Secretary of State races went to Democrats. Conservatives should have been more on alert after the 2018 election of Democrat Katie Hobbs to the office of Secretary of State. But, by nominating Lake, Hamedeh and Finchem they showed loyalty to former President Trump and more moderate candidates were pushed aside.

Lake got trounced, Finchem proved to be a joke and Hamadeh came within 500 votes of winning. Hamadeh is still appealing his loss to the Arizona Supreme Court.

There is no way to know for certain, but it is likely that Karen Robson, Andrew Gould and anyone other than Finchem would have carried the 14% of GOP Ducey votes that went for the Democrats.

But, the conservative lamentations are ahistorical. Arizona has had elected many Democrats for state-wide office in the past. Governors Bruce Babbitt and Janet Napolitano, Senators Dennis DeConcini and current Senator Sinema, for example. The state legislature was also controlled by Democrats, with Pinal County’s own Pete Rios who was State Senate President.

The Republicans have controlled the State Legislature for so long (albeit by slim margins) that they begun to think that it reflected an overwhelmingly conservative voter base. Like most states, the rural areas are decidedly conservative, but Tucson has been true liberal for a long time and Maricopa county which is essentially Phoenix, is becoming more Democrat.

Looking forward, the Democrats are in deep trouble in 2024 regarding the Sinema seat. Sinema is now an independent, the Left having lost its affection for a bi-sexual fashion blade who votes her mind, not her party. (The irony here is thick: voters say they want politicians who are not party hacks but Leftist’s will have none of that.) Her challenger, Democrat Rueben Gallegos has the Left in his hip pocket and is raising money across the country.

(In the 2022 race, the Mark Kelly campaign and PAC’s together spent $79 million and Blake Masters spent $14 million. Money usually wins elections.)

Mark Lamb the Pinal County Sheriff, is telegenic, charismatic and excels at retail politics. Moreover, he looks like a Senator from Arizona that could be in the movies. If he can raise the money, he will likely win as the those 14% GOP voters that went astray-especially in a 3-way race as Sinema runs as an independent. And as Arizona goes, so will the US Senate.

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