Arizona Final Election Results next week, or Thanksgiving-WHY?

VIA SBINSIDER November 11th

Based on past elections, the close state-wide races for Governor and Senator and other several other down ballot races will likely be called late Friday. At this posting, about 400K ballots are left to be counted. People want to know why Arizona take so long to complete their count. The main reason is the process for handling mail-in ballots. If you are a voter who decided to get your ballot in the mail and then did NOT mail it back but took it to a polling site on election day, you are contributing to the latency.


Whenever you vote by mail,  the elections department first has to verify the signature on file with the one you wrote on the ballot envelope. This process is done manually, one ballot at a time and in many cases, the voter is called to verify the correct data. Maricopa had hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots dropped at polling places. According to the reporting, the vast majority of those ballots were cast by Republican voters which is why the races in Arizona have not been called. It is highly likely that Kari Lake will close the gap between she and Katie Hobbs and win that race. Blake Masters has a huge gap to overcome and Mark Kelly will likely prevail.

BREAKING Republican ABE HAMEDEH closes gap and then surpasses Kris Mayes for the Attorney General race.


People who went to the poll and were not on the voter rolls, did not have an ID or went to the wrong site, could vote provisionally. Those ballots are usually small in number, but are the last batch to be counted.

SBINSIDER will update this story as more reporting is done.

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