Arizona has a budget -does it affect SaddleBrooke?

VIA SBINSIDER| May 11th, 2023

The state of Arizona, with a Democrat Governor and Republicans controlling both Houses, very quickly reached a budget deal that was a case study in the art of political compromise. Rather than list all of the two billion in new spending which you can do by clicking the link that follows, the item that most affects SaddleBrooke is $89 million for the 1-10 widening north of Casa Grande. Brookers who travel to Phoenix will eventually be able to safely predict their arrival times after this project is completed, likely in 5 years.

The two bills passed both Houses in less than 3 days after being submitted for consideration.

The one big win for conservatives was no cap on the spending for ESA, (passed last session) meaning more parents can get a subsidy for alternative schools.

The big win for liberals was a big allocation ($200 million) for the State Housing fund which is targeted relief for those many homeless, mostly located in Phoenix.

Overall, the budget spending for baseline costs stayed flat at $18 billion.  That left $2 billion of one-time spending for transportation. roads, water and police resources and a small tax rebate.

For all the gory details on the budget click here. 

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Vince Leach
Vince Leach
1 year ago

I doubt that many people In Saddlebrooke will see much of the tax rebate–gotta have dependents. But everyone can go to Prescott and enjoy the rodeo which got $15 million of our tax money.

Ron Bechky
1 year ago

Democrats lost on their top priority- universal vouchers. This program is growing exponentially. It is driving public education toward near extinction. Gov. Hobbs ran on a program to eliminate this program. She may pay for this betrayal by being primaried.