April Showers Bring Home Sales! Lynn Slaten Report$


This data is based on homes that sold and were for sale during the month of April, 2024.
For April, 2024, there were 30 homes sold, compared to 31 that were sold in March, 2024 (-3%) In April, 2023, there were only 21 homes sold.
  • The median sales price for April, 2024 was $525,00, compared to $495,000 in March, 2024 (+6%). In April, 2023, the median sales price was $485,000.
  • The median list price in April, 2024 was $545,000, compared to $498,500 in March, 2024 (+9%.)  In March, 2023, the median list price was $510,000.
  • The list price to sales price in April, 2024 was 97%, compared to March, 2024 at 98%. In March, 2023, the list price to sales price was also 98%.
  • The numbers of homes sold year-to-date at the end of April, 2024 was 101, compared to 100 that sold at the end of April, 2023.
  • There are currently 96 homes on the market. The median list price is $519,000. Average days on market increased to 57.
  • There are currently 41 homes under contract. 10% of those sold over the original asking price.
-There is currently 2.9 months of inventory, which represents a Sellers’ market. During April, 2024, this inventory consistently represented that fact in All of the sales price markets.
Editor’s note: Despite some cranky homeowner’s complaints to the HOA Board on that they are not enforcing the HOA rules aggressively enough, people are buying homes at a good pace and at increased prices.  

Lynn shares her excellent tips to follow when listing your home for sale:

-A Seller’s home will only have one chance to make a good first impression on a Buyer. As such, market preparation is vital. Your real estate professional is key in assisting with this effort.
-Most staging experts will tell you that Sellers must do three things to prepare their home for the market: Declutter (and clean,) depersonalize and accessorize. While you’re decluttering, depersonalize your home too!
-Odors drive Buyers away, so take steps to eliminate any odors that Buyers may find objectionable.
-Buyers like lots of light, so use high wattage (LED) bulbs that are safe to use in fixtures, and make sure your windows are also clean.
-Curb appeal is also crucial. Walkways should be clean, trash bins should be stored away, the yard should be weed free and the shrubs well-manicured.
-If showings are difficult for Buyers and their Agents, there will be fewer showings and fewer Buyers.
-Some Sellers will want to be present at showings, but this is nearly always a bad idea. Buyers typically feel uncomfortable when Sellers are present.
-When your home sells, please leave it totally vacant and in good, clean condition for your Buyers!.
For more information on buying or selling your home, contact Lynn at 520-240-2866 or by www.soldonsaddlebrooke.com
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