Three Car Accidents in SaddleBrooke, One Fatality


THREE car accidents in SaddleBrooke occurred recently. The first happened at the south entrance\exit gate at Edwin Road. According to a source close to the SaddleBrooke patrol, an employee of the HOA was driving home from a work shift and feel asleep at the wheel. No injuries were reported, damage to the gate was extensive.

The second accident occurred off Rose Ridge drive where a driver suffered a medical issue and drove off the road and hit a home. Details on the condition of the driver were not available.

Friday, a driver lost control of her car and jumped the curb near the entrance to the Minit Market and destroyed the USPS mail box. According to reports, the car hit the curb and spun around 180 degrees and took out the mailbox and some landscaping.

UPDATE: The driver of the car at the MiniMart has died and the passenger was transported to the hospital by Golder Ranch ambulance.

SaddleBrooke Patrol reminds drivers that speeding and rolling though STOP signs are happening far too frequently and you can be cited for both. “People need to slow down, despite the urgency they might feel trying to get home,” added the SaddleBrooke Patrol.

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Ed Wysocki
Ed Wysocki
1 year ago

This particular accident appears to not involve speeding but confusion on the drivers part. Saddlebrooke Patrol, both HOA1,HOA2 have no authority to enforce traffic rules on Mini Mart property. I hope the driver was not injured too severely!

Pamela Hoagland
Pamela Hoagland
1 year ago

Dear SaddleBrooke Insider: Could posted news items include dates? e.g. When did the driver crash into the mailbox? This has happened before…or is it the same one? Also post dates on every comment. Thanks.