SaddleBrooke is a very low crime area

CONTRIBUTED BY RON BECHKY | November 14th, 2023

SaddleBrooke is about as crime free as anywhere. We are well served by the Pinal County Sheriff Office and have been since before I moved here in 1997. As a matter of fact, our Sheriff coverage is vastly improved. Deputies used to take about an hour to get here. Much faster today. We also have the PSCO office at the mini mart, an arrangement made possible by RCI. SaddleBrooke is also served by the HOA1 and HOA2 Patrols. Though they lack enforcement capabilities, their presence on our streets aids our sense of wellbeing.

For The Record- the HOA2 monthly newsletter- publishes a pie chart which reinforces the opening statement: SaddleBrooke is a very safe community. Still, there are occasional reports from PSCO of incidents which could be of benefit to the safety of our residents. LexisNexis tracks these incident reports daily. You can receive these reports in a daily email, free of charge. Just go to co*****************@le************.com You can limit the radius of reports from your house.

The vast majority of the PSCO reports gathered by LexisNexis is routine items. Traffic incidents (most often on Oracle Rd.) and a catchall heading of All Other Non-Criminal predominate. As you read these reports, a couple of other items may catch your eye. The following table highlights the more serious incidents in SaddleBrooke since the beginning of 2023 through October 22. 

  • Fraud/Forgery 14
  • Theft 10
  • Disorderly Conduct 25
  • Criminal 6
  • Vandalism 1
  • Assault  1

The circumstances of some of these incidents may provide guidance to residents and improve their safety. The Public Information Office of the PSCO can provide details (without personal details) to a designated SaddleBrooke contact person on a timely basis.

Please contact your HOA Administration if you believe this would be useful information for residents.

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