Snooze into “Eggactly” a great breakfast!, review by Gloria Wolf

Snooze Breakfast Tacos


***** 5 stars! Moderate Prices 

You’ve heard the expression “you snooze, you lose!” Let’s change that when you go to the Snooze A.M. Eatery. When you Snooze, you win! For a breakfast that is unconventional, try something on the menu at Snooze. There are many items that you won’t find anywhere else and it is only a short trip south on Oracle Road to the intersection with Ina Road. (Great place to stop before that Costco run to keep the food bill down. )

Snooze is a nationwide franchised eatery firm that also has deliveries and catering services.

See Map here. 

Not only is the food enticing, but you will enjoy the Guatemalan coffee, lattes, espressos, and cold brews. Another benefit is that the bar is always open. You can start the day with a boost including Mimosa, bloody Mary, and local craft beers.

You might recognize many menu items, but Snooze adds a twist to make them much more interesting. You add your own options to make the menu item something just for you. The servers are there to help you create something great. In a fun atmosphere with a great staff, your day will start out right.

Do you like an Eggs Benedict? You can try one of many “Bennys” as they are called, at Snooze. You can get a Benny Duo, a ham Benedict, a habanero pork belly Benny, a Bella! Bella! Benny, or a Pork Chile Verde Benny. These are just a few of the Benny options. The Benny Duo is for those who can’t decide which Benny sounds best. Select a two different Bennys to be served for your breakfast.

I indulged in Juan’s Breakfast Tacos. These were exceptional. They are made with corn tortillas, scrambled eggs, hash browns, jack cheese, topped with green chile hollandaise and pico de gallo. The corn tortillas are very fresh and have that earthy masa flavor. For a bigger appetite, try the breakfast burrito. This burrito will power you through the whole day.

If your tastes go to the more traditional, you can find any combination of perfectly cooked breakfast food at Snooze, an A.M. Eatery. Pancakes, French toast, and breakfast sandwiches are available. For the more health conscious, you will find a kale, avocado, quinoa bowl on the summer menu, or and adobo roasted veggie breakfast taco.

Head to Snooze for the pancake of the week. You will be delighted.

Yum Yum!

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Pam M.
Pam M.
11 months ago

So happy that we are seeing more of a variety of restaurants opening in our area.

Ann Kurtz
Ann Kurtz
11 months ago

We first discovered Snooze in Scottsdale and are thrilled that there is now one so close to us.