Get an exquisite Grecian Food Experience in Catalina

VIA SBINSIDER Reviewer, Julia Childs| June 9th, 2023

5 STARS **** Economical Prices, lots of Greek wine choices

Last week my SaddleBrooke neighbors returned from a cruise through the Greek isles, considered the cradle of western civilization. From Corfu to Santorini you can enjoy the clear water and beautiful herb-filled coastal breezes. You can get almost the same experience here in Catalina Arizona at It’s Greek to Me. It’s not exactly the same, but the food experience will bring you back to the isles.

This restaurant is a small, family-owned restaurant with a flair for the creative. In one word, the food here is fresh. The pita bread is fresh along with the tzatziki. The salads and vegetables are fresh. We made it a point to patronize at least once a month or more during COVID to do what we could to ensure their ultimate survival.

You will find a classic Greek menu with appetizers such as dolmas, spanakopita, and hummus. If you want to impress someone select the tiri saganaki, cheese served flaming at your table, doused with lemon juice and served with pita bread.

For our last meal here I had the small Greek salad with rotisserie gyro meat. Another favorite is spanakopita plate. With both of these, I order the small option and get plenty of food.

For an entrée you can get a traditional gyro platter or chicken souvlaki, pastitsio, or moussaka. There are plenty of seafood options as well, including salmon, grilled octopus, fisherman’s stew and seafood medley. Several vegetarian options are also available, so you can bring all your friends to this delightful spot.

You want to get on their email mailing list. They send you email about the specials of the week, including when they have fresh fish on the menu.  If it is halibut, we drop everything and go to It’s Greek to Me for a delicious meal of fresh fish. The nights with fresh fish are busy nights so make sure you get a reservation.

The restaurant does include a nice selection of red and white, mostly Greek wines. Try some to satisfy your oenophillic tendencies.

After dinner, don’t forget dessert. You will love the options including baklava and sokolatopita. Don’t ask me how to pronounce it, but it is delicious.

Here is the link to explore your SaddleBrooke neighborhood Greek restaurant.

Enjoy and yamas!

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Rebecca Everett
Rebecca Everett
1 year ago

Made my mouth water!

1 year ago

Best Greek food I’ve had in years. So darn yummy. Highly recommend!