Supervisor Cavanaugh admits fabricating slander against county employees

Via SBINSIDER | April 28th, 2023

Pinal County Board of Supervisors announced that they have settled a lawsuit against the county and Supervisor Kevin Cavanaugh. (District 1) Garland Shreves and Amanda Stanford originally asking for millions, the settlement was reduced with the county insurance pool paying $20,000 and Cavanaugh on the hook for the other $40,000 total 20k. A complete statement from the county acknowledging Cavanaugh’s apology has yet to be released.

Settlement aside, the county paid Pinal County and its insurer paid an estimated $145,000 in defense costs including attorney fees and court, mediation and deposition costs. The county hired outside counsel and retained a separate attorney to represent Cavanaugh. The county paid its $75,000 deductible and the Arizona Counties Insurance Pool paid the rest.

Shreves blistered Cavanaugh in a interview with Pinal Central reporter Mark Cowling: “This is the first time that this liar — that anyone has ever been able to hold him accountable,” Shreves said in a phone interview with PinalCentral. “This is a victory for Amanda and myself and our families, but more importantly, it’s very clear to the taxpayers and the voters that he is an absolute pathological liar. He is truly one of the most fact-challenged human beings.”

Since his election in 2020, Cavanaugh has publicly made several accusations against fellow board members, all shown to be meritless. Too, Cavanagh filed an ethics complaint in 2020 against State Representative David Cook who used to represent part of Pinal County. Cavanaugh alleged that Cook had improperly influenced Sheriff Mark Lamb regarding a property seizure of Cook’s alleged love interest, a lobbyist at the State Capitol.

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1 year ago

Great to see he didn’t get away with it! A good lesson for the Biden’s.