Oracle Music Society voices Vivaldi’s Gloria


For the penultimate performance of the season, the Oracle Piano Society’s Voices in the Oaks Choral performed Vivaldi’s Gloria. On Sunday, April 16, the Oracle Center for the Arts hosted the event.

Due to the generosity of the Turner family, this was the first choral event where a small orchestra supported the choral group. The small orchestra added the needed dimension for Vivaldi’s Gloria.

The program started with a familiar and not-so-familiar collection of songs, displaying the talents of several solo artists. These talents were also on display during Gloria.

Along with Four Seasons, the Gloria is included in Vivaldi’s greatest hits. This piece is an example of a cantata-mass using a blend of solo voices, choir, and instruments. As with most sacred music it is composed to display the glory of God. Written around 1713. The piece was lost for nearly 200 years but revived after the start of World War II in Mussolini’s Italy.

The Voices in the Oaks Choral gave an exceptional performance during the fourth movement of the piece, Gratias agimus tibi. Several soloists graced the performance.

The upcoming event in their signature series is a performance of jazz and classical piano by Jeremy Ajani Jordan, Sunday, April 23 at 3:00 PM. If you are very lucky, there may still be some tickets available.

Link to Oracle Piano Society:

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1 year ago

I attended this concert and was surprised and pleased at how professional it was as well as the place in which it was presented; it had great acoustics.