Sammy’s Restaurant patrons on the BBC World News

VIA SBINSIDER| April 8th, 2023

Jorge and Beatriz Rivas and were once again in the spotlight at Sammy’s Mexican Grill in Catalina Arizona. More than 20 people showed up at Sammy’s to support them as the BBC filmed a news story on Hispanics for Trump. The Rivas family has been strong supporters of Trump, and with that comes death threats and other joys from the progressive left. They can count on their Republican friends to stand with them, as evidenced by the crowd who was there, even with very short notice.

Trump invited the Rivas couple to Mara Lago during the previous election. One thing the left hates is Hispanics who think for themselves and stand by their conservative roots. Trump supports life, family, and country as do many of our neighbors here in Arizona.

Kathleen Dunbar, President of the SaddleBrooke Republican Club and Douglas Wolf, Pinal County Assessor spoke to the BBC reporter with their opinions on how the indictment last week affects the Trump campaign.

Not only did Jorge Rivas garner international attention, but we left with a carne asada breakfast burrito and all was good.

Click this link to hear the news story on BBC.

Queue to 13:01  for the tease

Queue to 32:41 for the news story with reporter Sophie Long (ends at 37:06)

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Jane Grinstead
1 year ago

Since we have an article=cle about Sammy’s and Sheriff Lamb – I assume this is a politically right leaning so called newspaper – if so – please eliminate me from your list