Hearty meal at Harvest Restaurant

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Rating 3.5 out of 5 stars

Medium prices 

They were ready for our group of 12 at Harvest Restaurant for lunch. Our SaddleBrooke neighborhood selects a spot for lunch once a month and we were delighted to be at Harvest known for their local and seasonal foods.

The Good

The hit of the lunch was the Gnocchi Chicken Scaloppini. With seared chicken scaloppini, artichoke hearts and the surprise tang of sun-dried tomatoes in a white wine and lemon beurre blanc sauce this dish was a delight of combined flavors.

Several in our group enjoyed fresh salads from Cobb to Sweet and Salty, piled high with kale.  Fresh ingredients and house-made salad dressings added to the appeal of these salads.

Sandwiches at Harvest are varied. Here is a photo of the Cuban, made with pulled pork, honey ham, Swiss cheese, Dijon sauce and pickle relish, served with fries. There was enough sandwich here for takeaway.

Other sandwiches include Braised Short-Rib, Cobb Grilled Cheese, and an Italian sandwich. Along with the burgers there are plenty of options on this menu.

The Bad

Two in our group ordered the onion soup and their impression was that they had received the bottom of the soup bowl, almost stew-like. The flavor and texture were not what was expected. One in our group asked for the item to be removed from the price of her meal, which it was.

Service Matters

Service for our large group was very good. They had prepared for our group and very efficiently took orders, filled glasses, served food, and provided the checks. Our server had been through this drill before and completed her duties flawlessly.


Prices range from onion soup at $8.50 to Tenderloin Medallion at $28.90. Most menu options lie in the mid-range and if you are not a big eater, you can certainly get two meals out of some of the options. Not me, I ordered the Gnocchi Chicken Scaloppini, and ate every bite.

Click here for the restaurant website 


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Rick Knapp
Rick Knapp
1 year ago

When you do these reviews could give the address and, if possible, the web site.
Thank You