Tennis Is Now POPing in SaddleBrooke

SUBMITTED BY Greg and Mary Hlushko | July 12th

Since the POP version of tennis was introduced here about four years ago it has grown to approximately 200 players.

All of our courts now have an additional baseline nine feet in from the tennis baseline which makes it easier to cover the POP playing area. Other features that make it a senior friendly game are that the doubles game is played within the singles lines. It also uses a simple underhand serve, and a softer and slower tennis ball. POP uses a solid paddle with holes rather than strings and the paddle about 18 inches long.

If you want to take a look at the game being played just go to the tennis website at click on “View Court Reservations” and go to a court that has “PT” after the name of the person reserving the court. You will see your fellow residents having fun playing the fastest growing sport in SaddleBrooke.

In the photo Carol Kula and Bob Ricard are discussing their strategy prior to starting their next game.

Carol has been a promoter of POP and organizes an enthusiastic group of players. Her comment for the article is:  ” I’ve been playing POP for over four years. Most of all I have enjoyed meeting new people and making new friendships. We all have had the pleasure of growing this sport together here in SaddleBrooke. I like the fast pace and it appeals to many of us who don’t have a tennis background. Easy to learn without an overhead serve and our community has great facilities for this new and fast growing sport.”

Bob is improving as a player and states: “I have played for about 4 years, I enjoy the competition, great exercise, and the camaraderie. I don’t have a tennis background and continually progress with the help of other POPers and learning to strategize.”

One way to get started is to take an introductory lesson by hiring one of our talented teaching professionals. On the tennis website click on “STC Teaching Pros” for their contact information.

Also, you can check out a loaner paddle for a day at the Tennis Center building during the office hours as listed on the tennis website.

Later this summer watch for an announcement where the SaddleBrooke Tennis Club will be doing some free demonstrations and drop-in sessions available to all residents.

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