Biden ignores Supreme Court Ruling and gives away your money

VIA JONATHAN TURLEY | February 24th, 2024 EDITOR's NOTE: If you paid back loans to the Federal Government for college, you are the sucker.  President Joe Biden held a press event to brag about a major accomplishment this week. That itself is hardly surprising in an election [...]

Pinal News

Assessor’s 2025 Notice of Property Value from Pinal County

VIA SBINSIDER| February 17th, 2023 Pinal County Assessor Douglas Wolf (SaddleBrooke resident) announced that the 2025 Notice of Valuation for Pinal County properties have been mailed. Homeowners should take a moment to check the notice for the Limited Property Value number, which is the one used as the taxable basis for their home. Arizona [...]

SaddleBrooke News

HOA1 February 5 Year plan postponed, HOA 2 holds 2nd Assessment Meeting

VIA SBINSIDER| February 25th, 2024 HOA1 HOA1 residents were sent an email earlier this week that the meeting scheduled for Thursday the 22nd had been cancelled. The reason stated was that a 30 day period needed to elapsed from the time the Draft was released to the residents. Ergo, the meeting is going to be rescheduled to meet that requirement. HOA2 The 2nd public forum was held this past week and resident had the opportunity to kick around more ideas on how to avoid the likely alternative of paying a special assessment of about $4,500 per household. A couple of residents did present some creative ways to pay for the improvements. Also, the question of how many residents actually use the golf courses, the accepted answer has been about 30%. However, one resident made the salient point that of that 30%, only 8% play more than once a month, meaning the true level of active players is very low. (If his numbers are accurate, Pareto's Principle does posit that of any given population, the split is 20% to 80% which fits this resident's assertion. ) One other innovative idea from a Board member was to give residents [...]

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