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Gloria Wolf, food critic

It can be difficult to be faced with too many decisions. If you find this is true, you may be hesitant to try the Wild Garlic Grill. Check out the posted menu and find items such as Grilled Cabrilla Seabass, Spiced Rubbed Saint Louis BBQ Ribs, Chef’s Special Risotto, and Braised Lamb Shank. But, if you go to the restaurant you will be enticed with almost as many specials for the day. Our server listed at least ten more special appetizers and entrees that are meant to tempt you.

At our visit to Wild Garlic Grill we tried the Caesar Salad and Chef’s Special Risotto from the menu. As difficult as it was, we selected one item from the list of specials, the duck medallions served with goat cheese, arugula and white beans.

The Caesar Salad had its own Wild Garlic twist. It was served with shaved parmesan, Kalamata olives, a pickled pepper, cucumbers, and tomato. The dressing was light and tasty with just a pop of southwest heat.

The duck medallions are considered an appetizer, but we chose them as the entrée. Served with a potent dollop of goat cheese and arugula salad, they were delicious. The sauce was perfect and not overpowering. The white beans had a Southwestern flair, but the flavor contrasted with the French flavors of the duck. If they are a special when you visit, I would recommend them.

The Chef’s Special Risotto had everything, wild mushrooms, pungent goat cheese, chardonnay wine butter, with vegetables, and an edible flower. It may have been one of the most beautiful presentations ever seen with a full rich flavor. It seems that anything labeled a Chef’s Special is worth eating at Wild Garlic Grill.

A shout out to our neighbors who were kind enough to give a gift certificate for the Wild Garlic Grill. What a terrific gift to those of us who love to eat! And we love to make decisions, especially when all the options are amazing.

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