Pinal County Businesses Can Apply for Refund

VIA AZFREE NEWS| June 14th, 2024

by Matthew Holloway |

EDITORS NOTE: This tax was passed by the Pinal County Voters in 2018 and contested by the Goldwater Institute. It was intended to increase funds for roads. 

The owners of the businesses that power the economy of southern Arizona are about to see some long overdue relief from a 2018 excise tax which was struck down by the State Supreme Court in 2022. Affected businesses will be able to file for a waiver or refund of the tax by April 9, 2026 to recover at least $87 million that was unlawfully collected by the county with another $4 million in interest to be paid out proportionally.

Unfortunately, consumers who paid the tax as part of a transaction, will be unable to seek a refund.

The Pinal County transportation excise tax was invalidated by the Arizona Supreme Court in Vangilder v. Arizona Department of Revenue, in which the court found that the Pinal County Board of Supervisors violated state law by adopting a “two-tiered retail transaction privilege tax (TPT) on tangible personal property as part of a transportation excise tax.” While the court held that the basis of the tax was lawful, it invalidated the two-tiered system where the first $10,000 of any one item was taxed at one rate and any in excess was taxed at zero percent.

Arizona Supreme Court Justice Kathryn H. King, a former Deputy General Counsel in the Office of Governor Doug Ducey and appointed by Ducey wrote for the court:

“For the foregoing reasons, we conclude that Pinal County complied with state law in adopting the transportation excise tax. We further conclude, however, that state law does not permit Pinal County to adopt a two-tiered retail TPT structure as part of a transportation excise tax, whereby the first $10,000 of any single item is taxed at one rate and any amount in excess is taxed at a rate of zero percent. For that reason, Pinal County’s two-tiered retail TPT structure in Proposition 417 is unlawful and invalid.

Accordingly, we affirm the court of appeals’ opinion in part and vacate in part. We vacate paragraphs 2 and 23–30 of the court of appeals’ opinion. We affirm the superior court on other grounds. We deny Vangilder’s request for attorney fees.”

The filing opportunity was announced in a letter from the Arizona Auditor General on May 17 according to The Center Square. The letter detailed that approximately $87 million was collected through the excise tax which has earned $4 million in interest adding that the ‘applicable interests” would be paid out to those requesting a refund as well. However, the actual consumers who paid the 0.5% sales tax up to the first $10,000 have no such recourse because of the “transaction privilege tax” status of Arizona the outlet noted cited the Pinal County website.

The Auditor General wrote, “Between April 1, 2018, and February 28, 2024, the Pinal Regional Transportation Authority did not expend any of the 2018 Excise Tax revenues or accrued interest.”

The county website explained, “Specifically, taxpayers who will be able to request a refund or waiver of monies paid toward this invalidated tax are generally limited to those businesses that filed and paid tax to the Department for the April 2018 through March 2022 tax periods as part of their overall transaction privilege tax liability, for business activity that they conducted either in Pinal County or with Pinal County customers.”

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